May Was National Bike Month

January, February, March, April, then May, now June, next July. Days, months, and years keep passing with oppressive speed. Months float off into some black hole of time, never to return. To now join the ranks of lost time is the month of May. It flew by in a whirling dervish only to welcome another fast friend: June.

May was National Bike Month. A celebration of a machine that has to be one of the greatest inventions of man. I could certainly start to spout off trivial trivia that would embolden any lover of the bicycle. I refrain, however. To speak so highly of this machine would only prove to be redundant, as most who would read this know the greatness of bicycles. Celebrations across the country took place. From Pittsburgh to Chicago to San Diego, bikers were able to celebrate, and have a month to love. For us in Chicago-area, Bike The Drive took place on May 27th (a day of unadulterated access to Lake Shore Drive with no cars).

One week I do indeed love the most out of this month is a week that encourages, if not demands, an enthusiast to comply with its purpose (and thousands do). Commuters hit the road with banners flying high during Bike To Work week (May 14th-18th). If a month was not enough for bicyclists surely a week for commuters would be. A turn of events made my Bike To Work week sad indeed. Sad, sad, sad, oh so very sad. In this year of 2007, Bike To Work week arrived at my door and I had no work to which I could bike. I cry with clenched fists to the heavens, "Oh why?! Why must I watch others happily ride to work?" A passerby replies, "Because you have no job." How true.

May is gone. June is here. July is in the future. With all the uncertainties in this world, at the very least we know the order of our months. Things are looking up, too. I have had a couple of interviews this week and hopefully in 2008 I will welcome National Bike Month and Bike To Work week with a bike and work. Get up, go, and the next time you have the choice, choose to ride (or walk) not drive. Check out and

This blog was written while peacefully listening to Cast of Thousands by Elbow. Music by the Brits is oh so tasty. Go ahead, have a sample.

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