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The daily commute. The statement can mean so many things to different people. Most of Chicago area commuters listen to the phrase "daily commute" and reply with an "ugh" or "f*&#ing ridiculous." Then there are the few who listen to "daily commute" and feel a sense of exhilaration, a sense of accomplishment. What divides these two persons? What make one cringe and one jump for joy?

May I say that the deciding factor is your mode of transportation. Do you drive a car? Do you ride a bike? Yes, yes, there is more to the scenario than just modes of transportation. Other things may be considered such as a person's overall outlook on life or the healthiness of a person's sex life. But when those things are considered, how a person starts the day is important (sex life could also be considered here, oh, and coffee). Do you start the day sitting bumper-to-bumper with other cars? Do you start the day with wind blowing in your hair, feeling the tinge of fatigue in your legs? I venture to say that the latter will be a happier commuter overall. Can I go so far as to say a better worker? I can and I will! Hark! Don't worry, I have no research to show this, just whimsical fancy.

Really, overall, I didn't have much purpose to this post. I was just wanting to write something for everyone to read. I hope that everyone is doing well. Get out and ride, don't spend too much time reading this. Be happy, bike happy.