Mr. Cicada

By thousands, by millions cicadas begin to solicit the local trees, telephone poles, and building walls. Slowly emerging from the ground from the hollows they've lived in for 17 years, they take to anything that is vertical. Gripping, grabbing, holding tight to something that will offer leverage in time of labor.

What to my eyes should appear but a cicada in my very own apartment hall, lapping up the luxury of shelter. This cicada is smarter than the others. While rain and a strange cold hit Deerfield killing the other cicadas outside, this cicada has chosen a royal existence. It is an aristocrat who has only one friend, the lifeless body it left not many days before, the exoskeleton womb.

Now they start their song. A sing-song of chirping and humming. What do these creatures say? Do they talk about their adventures of getting to a tree? Do they ask the cicada next door to come over for coffee and procreation? While they converse outside, the aristocrat cicada in my hallway sits lonely. The lifeless body that hangs not too far from it offers no conversation, no comfort. I feel sorry for the fella'.

It is said that these cicadas arrive every 17 years due to evolutionary systems that give them a better chance of carrying on their lifeline. In choosing a prime number, the cicadas have given themselves a 96% better chance of having a successful mating season. Moreover, due to their timing they have given themselves a better result in not mating with other species, they are a pure breed. We should all pay respect to this intelligent insect. Next time you pass or ride by a cicada, give that little insect a salute. Next time when having a beer with some friends offer a toast to that little insect. "Here's to the cicada!"

In other blogging news and stories my wife and I had a great ride this Memorial Day. We rode an awesome 20 miles with a break for a picnic lunch. Beyond that I've noticed some great sites that everyone should check out. One of them being This is a great site covering such topics as "commuting 101" and "commuting bikes." Please check it out. Another site is This site is based out of California, so for the Illinois people it may seem irrelevant, but alas, it is not! Check out the "properganda" section. Until next time.

This blog was written while listening to many things, but most importantly the new John Legend's album Once Again. A great feel and great production.

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