It Has Begun

Cold has almost left us.  Warmth is approaching from over the horizon with banners flying.  Stepping forward into the outdoors the reign of a new ruler can be felt with every "Euvey" that whets the skin.  The cold reign of Winter will temporarily see her temporary throne taken by another.  Hark, have faith!  Know with certainty that Spring, Summer, and Fall will rule again.  Be humble and know that Winter will also rule again, in due time.

I was able to ride this weekend, which explains the joyous prose above.  I love the warmth of Spring setting in.  I love the heat of Summer taking over for Spring.  The change of seasons excites the senses, helps the soul not get too bored.  After the winters ambient sadness, Spring allows the guiltless electro-pop to fill the air.

Flatlander's was my bicycle riding destination this past Friday.  A wonderful stop that Justin and I usually make to take down a few brews.  Bringing me to another subject.  Nothing feels as great as working a bike-ride-sweat to cool down with a nice ale (in my opinion the "more bitter the more better").  Then take up the pedals again to ride under the warmth of Honest Abe's Ale.  Sooner or later the legs ache, the face is cold from the night's wind.  I must explain, too, the night has not heard of the imminent rule of Spring approaching.  Not yet at the very least.  Hopefully soon the banners of Spring will line the walls of nature to let everyone know who now rules.

Thank you all who do check this.  Leave a comment.  It inspires me to blog more often.  This post was written while listening to a collection of old Leadbelly Songs.  I recommend taking a listen to one of the fathers of Blues music.

A Time Is Coming

The time is coming near when the regular morning rides will happen again. Unlike some people I'd like to imitate I did not ride all winter. Actually, I didn't ride once this winter. Maybe it's the pansy in me, I'm not too incredibly sure. Do not be quick to judge, not riding does not mean that I drove everywhere. My own two legs were the transportation of choice this winter. I skated along the snow covered sidewalks with elegance and style. Yes indeed it was my own style.

The Orange Surly shall surely be ready for my rear to grace its saddle. I look forward to that first push of the pedal. I look forward to that first gust of wind on the face. I look forward to that first hill to climb. Wait a minute...I still live in Illinois. Hills don't exist here. Well I continue with my speech nonetheless. I look forward to that first energy bar. I look forward to tomorrow, to change, to hope and any other political jargon I can muster. Be ready to mount up my fellow bikers in hibernation. There is a time-a-comin'! This is a change we can count on! Winter will change to spring!

I Heart U

No, I'm not dead, just doing other things besides blogging. Had a great season of riding even with the last half of it being on a different bike. For a quick review of the new bike, thumbs up. I love my orange Surly 1x1. Hope everyone else rode and is still riding.

'Till next post! Check out and download the newest 'zine.