A Weekend Gardening

There wasn't any riding going on this weekend. I know, it's sad to say. I had hoped to hit the trails with some buddies of mine but the cold of Friday kept us away. Our little frail frames just could not handle a little breeze. All those interested in calling us names such as "wuss" and "pansy" may start now. When laziness arises it is hard to push away.

What did take place this weekend was gardening with good friends, the Shelby's. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful days to be outside digging in the dirt. Sweat rolling down my face and biceps straining to keep the tiller still. Despite my lackluster attempt at tilling and preparing the ground, we were able to plant. Tomato and pepper will hopefully be plentiful and things look positive so far. Beyond getting dirty it was just great to be with good fellowship. There is something to be said of having friendships with people. Friendship is the most interesting of the four loves (C.S. Lewis's The Four Loves, read it)

Rob and I had some fun tilling and shoveling. My wife tells me that gardening can be one of the most beneficial outdoor activities. I would give some thought of agreement to that. I was more exhausted from a day of gardening than any of my days of riding. Sleep did not take long to arrive later on that evening.

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