Good Morning Sunshine

A ride is a ride is a ride. Today I was able to undergo a fun and light ride with my lovely wife as we jumped from one yard-sale to another. "Let's stop here," I say as we cruise along at a relaxing pace of 10-miles-per-hour and she agrees. All we found were baby clothes and broken furniture. With no offspring in the picture and no need for furniture in our "little apartment on the first floor" (read in the same tone as "little house on the prairie"), we didn't barter for anything. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our Saturday in the sun even if my skin eventually did not appreciate my willingness to be outside.

Last year, at about this very time, I found myself pondering a quest. Some even called it a goal (dangerous words, I rarely complete those). My quest for last year was to ride 1,000 miles on my bike. At that very thought some may gasp, others will cry with laughter. Those who gasp often are the ones who also "wheeze" when walking down the road. Those who cry with laughter are those who put around 10,000 miles on their metal horse. Call me a middle man in this specific case. Whatever may be said of me, I didn't complete the quest. I barely got half-way there. Alas! I put forth the same effort, the same quest for this year. May I, by the end of October, ride 1,000 miles. Please, I ask for support from none of you, but if you'd like to join me in a ride just say so.

Another happening happened. My wife and I went out and discovered a new place we love so well. It seems lame and even a little "corporate" to some, but we have to go with what has been given to us in suburbia. We enjoy the Red|Star Tavern. The name of the place is a quiz in itself, it's not so red, there are no stars (celebrity or otherwise), and a tavern it is not. The Red|Star is like an Applebees or TGIFridays with a little more emphasis on the bar. And what to my wandering eyes should appear but a Fat Tire! Oh this wonderful brew from New Belgium. I am not too sure if it's been reviewed on "Beer Me!" from DirtRag, but my review is in. Good. Simple as that. Fat Tire is good!

Get out for a ride. Let it be a relaxing ride. Enjoy the path, the road, the grass, the dirt. Enjoy the company that keeps you. Enjoy the freedom.

"Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello!"

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